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Beautifully recorded with a motivational and inspirational flare for those beginning yoga, the DVD features are wonderful. Definitely recommended for those with all levels of yoga experience. Christine's charisma communicates the importance of spiritual and physical healthy living

— Brianne M. Conlan, Great Neck, NY USA

I have just watched Dive Into Yoga again (this time in German) which is such a wonderful and exceptionally well done yoga DVD! I love the way Christine not only takes the practitioner through a whole class but also allows me to do certain segments which I select if I don't have time to do everything. The special effects and images help me to understand of how I can improve my yoga postures and help me focus even more. I think it's remarkable that the DVD conveys not only the physical aspects of yoga but really transfers me into a different realm and leaves me with such peace and in such a state of relaxation that I sometimes just watch it and still feel that I have actually done everything. The possibility to watch and listen to it in different languages - for me most valuable in English and German - underlines the exceptional concept of this DVD, "to dive into Yoga" whenever and wherever you are. DIVE INTO YOGA is really an incredible beautiful yoga DVD and should not be missed by anyone! 

— Dr. Anja Krause, Germany/USA

I take classes with Christine and use this video to practice on my own. While some poses are designed for more advanced students, she guides a beginner, like me, to adjust to a range of ability levels. Christine's approach is completely accessible and her gentle guidance is highly motivating. The pace is lively and as challenging as the student chooses. I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone who wishes to have a good practice at home.

— J. Dudderar, New York, USA

What a magnificent Yoga DVD. The instructor is very thorough in explaining the different poses, and just by looking at her, you feel empowered to try the positions! She is so flexible it Wow's me! This is for a sort of advanced level, and it is good value for your money. The choreography is beautiful, the music, the images that accompany the workout are really inspiring. I recommend it!

 — Milena Aguilar, New York, USA

This yoga video inspires and teaches at the same time. Step by step you learn, wanting to learn more all the way along. "My body can do more," one says to oneself. "I can reach a greater ease of movement," and, gently guided by Christine, one does just that -- and it feels so good!

 — Yvonne Korshak, New York, NY, USA

Christine's natural expertise and wonderful energy make this an ideal yoga DVD for beginners and experienced yogis alike. From her presentation of breathing practice through practice of the poses themselves, Christine's spirit is inspiring. Her practice is a true meditation in motion and the DVD taps into yogas many limbs to create a balanced and easy-to-follow practice. I recommend this DVD to yogis of all levels of experience and I am sure they will enjoy Christine's wonderful teaching here as much as I have.

 — Mary M. Hall, Cambridge, MA, USA

Advancing in whatever it is you choose to do, is all about being inspired and motivated. Christine's guidance in this yoga CD will both inspire and motivate you in your yoga practice. Being grounded in a yoga paractice, with the assistance of a skilled practicioner, will help in achieving the peace of mind and flexibilty of body that most of us seek in daily living.

 — Gabrielle Riera, New York, NY, USA

The guidance and company of a great teacher is rare and difficult sometimes to discern, yet when the master is discovered, the effects are boundless. Dive into Yoga is the mastery of a great teacher.

 — Daniela Forster-Howell, Dalsland, Sweden

I am not a Yoga devotee. I am more into karate, with its punching and kicking, than breathing and stretching. That's why I was pleasantly surprised by the positive effect this Yoga DVD had on me. Physically it gave me a greater range of motion which helped my low stances and kicking in karate. Mentally, it helped me to relax a bit more so that I am able to see the attacks coming and react without tensing up as much. Good work.

 — Steven Lott, New York, NY, USA

This is a wonderfully filmed and narrated DVD. It begins with three rounds of yogic breathing to center the mind and then goes on to some challenging asanas (yoga poses). Christine does a wonderful job demonstrating the asanas and does a particularly great job with the sun salutation and some of the advanced forward bends. In many of the asanas, she shows both the beginners version and the advanced version, making it great for all levels of practitioners. It is filmed incredibly well and has a great feature that allows you to turn off the background music if you want. This is a "must have" DVD to add to your yoga collection!

 — Susan O’Brien

Liebe Frau Martitz: Unsere Begegnung im Jahre 2002 hat doch einiges in uns bewirkt. Wir sind fleißige Yoga-Fans geworden und ohne Yoga läuft nichts mehr. Es ist schön Sie immer mal wieder auf DVD zu bewundern. Das motiviert ungemein.

 — Monika und Heinz Schäfer, Cologne, Germany

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